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Forward Avamar Proxy log files to Log Insight

This post covers how to configure integration between Avamar Proxy Servers and VMware Log Insight.

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Forward Avamar log files to VMware Log Insight

This post covers how to forward the log files for DellEMC Avamar Server to VMware Log Insight.

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Backup vRealize Operations Manager with Avamar

This post covers how to manage On-Demand and Scheduled Backups for VMware vRealize Operations Manager with Dell EMC Avamar.

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Past EMC Whitepapers Authored and Co-Authored

This post is simply a collection of some documents that I have authored or co-authored on behalf of EMC in the past. I like to keep these available for reference after the public links have been killed off.

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Adding VVD vCenter Clients to Avamar

This post covers how to add VVD on VxRail vCenter Servers to DellEMC Avamar.

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On-Demand Backup options for vRA Virtual Machines

This post provides a walk through of executing an on-demand Backup of a Virtual Machine owned by vRealize Automation, changing an existing VM Backup Policy, and adding Data Protection to an unprotected Virtual Machine using the DellEMC Data Protection Extension.

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vRA Actions and Entitlements for VM Data Protection

This post covers how to configure User Entitlements for Virtual Machine Actions in vRealize Automation, specific to the DellEMC Data Protection Extension.

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Adding Data Protection to vRA VM Blueprints

This post covers how to enable automated data protection services for Virtual Machines in VMware vRealize Automation, using the Data Protection extension from Dell EMC

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Installing the vRealize Data Protection Extension from Dell EMC

This post covers the installation of the vRealize Data Protection Extension from Dell EMC.

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Dell EMC vRealize Automation Data Protection Extension: This much I know

The Dell EMC vRealize Data Protection Extension  provides out of the box Backup as a Service functionality for vRA Tenant virtual machines.

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VxRail Management Pack for vROps

As of VMworld 2018, the folks at Blue Medora have released the VxRail Management Pack for vROps, so naturally enough we wanted to find out what it could do.

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vSAN Disk Group Unknown in vROps

While installing and configuring some vROps Management Packs, we came across an issue where the vSAN Disk Groups were showing ‘Unknown Health’ in vROps.

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Lifecycle Management for VVD on VxRail

The life-cycle of their Cloud Management Platform is of primary importance to customers. The CMP consists of multiple components that bring with them multiple integration points and dependencies. So the bonus of being able to automate the life-cycle of the CMP is a pretty big deal!

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Using VVD on VxRail as CMP-only

VMware Validated Design (VVD) VxRail for the Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) is a prescriptive architecture whose value customers easily recognize and appreciate, but in some cases may also need to deviate-from based on their own requirements. One such use case is where existing VxBlock customers want to leverage VVD on VxRail but also want to retain their existing infrastructure.

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VVD on VxRail: Deployment Options

VMware Validated Design (VVD) on VxRail was recently announced and has been attracting great interest. This post provides a high level overview of the available deployment options.

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Configure vRB Remote Data Collector

When using remote vCenter endpoints with vRealize Automation, it is important to configure a vRealize Business for Cloud Remote Data Collector (or two) local to the remote endpoint.

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Monitoring vRA XaaS Workflows with vROps

The VMware vRO Management Pack for vROps provides the ability to monitor the workflows of 3rd party vRO packages in addition to it’s own default vCenter and Management Pack workflows.

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Installing vRO Management Pack for vROps

The installation of the vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) is quite straightforward, though the configuration of the adapter takes a little more than is outlined in the official Mgmt Pack for vRO v1.0 Guide

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Backup and De-duplication of Encrypted Data

Data can be encrypted. Data can be backed-up. And data can be de-duplicated. But can that same data be encrypted, backed up and then de-duped? As usual, it depends …

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vRB for Cloud Management Pack for vROps

Just noticed that vROps v6.6 now comes with an adapter for vRealize Business for Cloud, so obviously felt the need to configure it and see what it provides.

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