Moving to the Telco Systems Business (TSB)

Some career moves are the result of big or hard decisions, others can be a natural progression, while others can be much more than what they initially seemed. For me, moving to the Dell Technologies Telco Systems Business is most definitely bigger and more exciting than what I initially expected!

Coming up on my 25yr anniversary with EMC/Dell Technologies, my career has been predominantly based around storage, storage area networks, virtualisation, and cloud solutions. A lot of the roles in that time required helping and enabling others, and while enablement is a major focus of my current Engineering Technologist role in TSB, the overall context and industry landscape is entirely new to me!

For one thing, the amount of acronyms is insane. Telecom folks love them their acronyms. At the most basic level, I am happy to have discovered 45yrs into my life that AM/FM on my radio stands for Amplitude Modulated and Frequency Modulated 🙂 (For all of the benefits of the Irish education system, Radios was not one of them. Unless I was out that day!).

Telco training for me has started from the ground up, which, from a practical/home point of view, has provided the added benefit of me now knowing a bit more about how to tweak my home WiFi signal considering the house is made of solid block walls. The learning continues, there’s so much to learn and so much more to discover. I also have Massive MIMO stuck in my head, why I am not exactly sure why that in particular has stuck, but it’s just there.

The people in this TSB business unit are great, a mixture of legacy EMC/Dell folks and Telco SMEs coming over from the biggest names in the industry. The atmosphere is one of excitement for what can be achieved, really positive, and everybody is working hard to move our offerings forward, internally and with our partners.

There are great opportunities for Network Modernisation with Dell Tech in the Telco space, enabled primarily by the ability to dis-aggregate the network components, moving away from the legacy model of proprietary vendor hardware. Cloud Native platforms and network virtualization are key to all of this, or more specifically NFV (Network Function Virtualization) and NFV Infrastructure (NFVi).

In TSB we are working with companies such as Red Hat, VMware, Intel, Wind River, Mavenir, Affirmed and others to produce and validate cloud native platform solutions, from Core to Edge, built for CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) to support their 5G transformations, most recently announced with DISH, and Vodafone.

These solutions cover all aspects of the 5G network, whether it’s the operations side of things for BSS/OSS, the Core Datacenter itself, or Near and Far Edge locations out to the MEC (MultiAccess Edge Computing) and RAN (Radio Access Network) DU and CU Backhaul operations from the radio towers themselves. Of course there are many other engineering efforts ongoing whose efforts will not the light of day for some time, but it’s very exciting to see what’s in the pipeline.

Some initial Solution Briefs, Reference Architectures and Whitepapers are starting to emerge from the publishing process now, covering various 5G Platforms and Open RAN, and these can be found on the Dell Technologies InfoHub.

Server functionality, performance, size/profile and environmental suitability are key requirements for Edge solutions, with Telco-friendly server types such as Dell PowerEdge XR11 and XR12 custom-built to address the need. From the hardware capabilities, the focus then turns to low-touch installation services, lifecycle management, and automation of all of those things!

As well as the general Telecom industry training we have going on, I now need to re-focus my skillset around OpenShift and Kubernetes. And where better to get my hands dirty than in the new Dell Technologies OTEL (Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab) where our team can build out these solutions and more!

Also, (as of date of posting here Aug 8th 2021) WE ARE HIRING ->

That’s about it for now. This is a very different post from the more product specific posts in the past, but I wanted to keep things moving on here and hopefully start to post more technical Telco specific content as I go on.

Sooo, I hope that this has been of some interest to you, and thanks for reading!



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