VxRail ACE with VCF on VxRail

VxRail ACE uses cluster personalities to enable it to identify the deployment types of the VxRail systems that it manages.

A common question is how does VxRail ACE know not to upgrade a VxRail cluster which may be part of a VVD or VCF on VxRail solution deployment?

The quick answer is: It’s fine, nothing to worry about.

For those that need some real actual details behind this, read on …

// Update 08/10/2020 VxRail ACE has been re-branded to VxRail SaaS Multi-cluster Management via the MyVxRail portal

Some things to understand here:

Up to and including today (1/5/2020), VxRail ACE is not capable of upgrading ANY VxRail cluster.

This VxRail Upgrade functionality IS coming to ACE, but even when it does, VxRail ACE has safety measures in place to prevent it from interfering with the life-cycle management (LCM) of an SDDC-Manager managed VxRail.

In advance of when this VxRail Upgrade functionality does become available in ACE, the most recent update to VxRail ACE (2/27/2020) includes the ability to identify the personality of a VxRail cluster, whereby ACE can then allow or block a system from being upgraded from ACE.

The VxRail Cluster Personalities include:

  • Standard VxRail Cluster
  • VVD on VxRail
  • VCF on VxRail
  • Dell Tech Datacenter-aaS (VMC on DellEMC)
  • vSAN 2-node cluster
  • Stretched Cluster

This personality, or deployment type, is displayed in a couple of locations within the VxRail ACE dashboard, including on the VxRail Cluster Summary tab (shown below)

and is also displayed on the VxRail Cluster Updates tab (shown below)

How does VxRail ACE identify the deployment type, or specifically Where does VxRail ACE identify the cluster?

Answer: vCenter Tags (as shown below in vCenter UI > vCenter Object > Configure > Settings > Advanced Settings)

In the example displayed above, this vCenter Server (vcf2mgmtvc.cse.lab) owns the VxRail hosting the VCF on VxRail Management Domain, and is tagged as config.SDDC.Deployed.Type: VCF-VxRail

As part of the SDDC Manager automated deployment process, the vCenter Servers responsible for managing the VCF on VxRail clusters are tagged with, among other things, a Deployment Type.

For VVD on VxRail deployments, editing this vCenter tag is a manual task included in the overall VVD on VxRail build documentation.

Cant believe you doubted Chuck Norris, but there you go, it’s all fine, ACE has this covered!


Hope that helps,



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