Adding unsupported rev of VxRail to VCF – What happens

This post explains how VMware SDDC Manager validates VxRail code levels and rejects VxRail systems that are out of compliance.

‘Wet Paint’ signs and Support Matrices exist for a reason, but (techy) human nature being what it is, we do at some stage attempt to see if that paint is indeed WET.

So I did. And the paint is in fact wet. You cannot add an unsupported version of VxRail to VCF as a VI Workload Domain.

The VCF on VxRail Support Matrix states which VxRail versions are compliant with which VCF releases, as shown below:

I had a VxRail 4.7.110, which I attempted to add to a VCF 3.9 VI WLD.

Following the standard process, as described by @cliffcahill here, the VCF VI WLD was first created in SDDC Mgr, and then once the VxRail was installed as required, the next step is to ‘Add VxRail Cluster‘ to the new VI WLD. As shown below, the new VI WLD remains in the Activating state until the VxRail is successfully added.

So I selected Add VxRail Cluster, SDDC Manager immediately detected the new VxRail Manager instance in Step1, as well as the new Cluster (VxRail-VCFVIWLD01-CL01) to be added, before I progressed to Step2.

On Step2, Discovered Host, it just needs the SSH Password for the discovered ESXi hosts to be entered. So I entered the correct password, hit COPY TO ALL HOSTS, and clicked NEXT.

Some validation runs in the UI, and then …. Nothing. Nada. Plus de Nuttin.

While the SDDC Manager UI doesn’t indicate what is wrong, the /var/log/vmware/vcf/domainmanager/domainmanager.log does tell you what’s wrong (thanks for the pointer @DavidCRing), as shown below:

For compliance, VCF 3.9 requires v6.7.0-14320388, which equates to ESXi 6.7 U3.

The ESXi version on the VxRail 4.7.110 ESXi Hosts (v6.7.0-11675023 / 6.7 EP06) is therefore not compliant.

Useful link for reference of Build Numbers and Versions of ESXi

Non-compliance applies to deviation above or below the required ESXi version (again, I tried!).

As the VxRail has not yet been added to SDDC Manager, and the subsequent LCM control of VCF, I went ahead and upgraded the VxRail via VxRail Manager, to a compliant VxRail 4.7.300, as per the VCF on VxRail Support Matrix.

Once at the correct ESXi build number, the VxRail was added to the VCF VI WLD without issue.

The issue as described above is using VCF 3.9. Improvements to VCF 3.9.1 include the SDDC Manager UI now displaying this compatibility warning, so no need to go digging in logs, as displayed below:

Hope that helps,



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