SDDC Manager – No images found for product vCenter

Quick post to help guide folks to the correct course of action if you hit this issue which I came across in VCF on VxRail.

I had upgraded our VCF 3.9.1 on VxRail system to VCF, but when I attempted to deploy a new VI VxRail Workload Domain, I was presented by the following message in SDDC Manager:

The option to deploy a new VI VxRail Workload Domain was greyed out and the UI tool-tip indicated that “No images found for product VCENTER version 6.7.0-16275304“.

The previous upgrade had gone absolutely fine, no issues encountered, so I had assumed (I know, I know) that the required vCenter installation package/bundle/file would have been included in the upgrade.

Spoiler Alert: It wasn’t

So even though the existing vCenter Server instances had been upgraded to vCenter Server v6.7.0-16275304 (which is v6.7 U3h in old money), the system didn’t have the installation package for any new vCenter Server instances to manage a new VI WLD.

Finding the required package is not as straightforward as it might be. Yes, the bundle is available to download from the SDDC Manager Repository, but you have to look. And look. And then look some more until you find it at the very bottom of a list of many other bundles. But it is there!

(Admission: I had actually stopped scrolling but my colleague David Ring did eventually find it!)

So we successfully downloaded the required bundle, listed in the SDDC Manager Repository as an Install Only Bundle, and from there we could proceed to deploy the new VI VxRail WLD.

Maybe there’s a moral to this story somewhere about not giving up looking or something. We will never know!

Hope that helps!



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