Custom VxRail Versions Widget for vROps

A nice custom widget to add to your VxRail dashboard in vROps is a simple diagram to clearly display the various versions of VxRail running in your environment.

It’s pretty easy!

Using vROps v7.5 with the VxRail Management Pack v1.0 installed and configured, try the following:

Navigate to Environment > All Objects > vCenter Adapter > vSphere World > vSphere World > Details > Views and click New


Give the View an appropriate name, for example ‘VxRail Versions’.

In the Presentation section:, select the following:

  • Select Distribution
  • Visualization: Pie Chart
  • Distribution Type: Discrete distribution

In the Subjects field, select Cluster Compute Resource

In the Data field, switch from Metrics to Properties, and under Summary > Custom Tag > VxRail-VERSION select Value and drag it over to the Data field on the right. Then under the Configuration field, on far-right, enter the Metric Label as ‘VxRail Versions’.


When done, click Save. And you will see a preview of the view back on the main Views page, like the following:


With this complete, you are now able to add this new custom view into a vROps dashboard, such as the following:


More detail on how to do that, here.

Hope that helps!



3 thoughts on “Custom VxRail Versions Widget for vROps

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