Expanding Log Insight on VxRail for High Availability

Published 11th July 2019

A standard VxRail deployment provides the ability to deploy a VMware vRealize Log Insight appliance in Standalone Mode. In order to provide high availability for this Log Insight instance, the single vRLI appliance should be expanded to a 3-node vRLI cluster.

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“Fix This First” – What your VxRail ACE Health Score is really telling you

A very basic rule of thumb when it comes to system monitoring is that Red is Bad, and Green is Good. Yellow/Orange/Amber then might mean that something is wrong, definitely not quite right, and needs attention before it goes Red.

The VxRail ACE Health Score helps customers prioritize those issues that need attention.

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Using VVD on VxRail as CMP-only

VMware Validated Design (VVD) VxRail for the Software Defined DataCenter (SDDC) is a prescriptive architecture whose value customers easily recognize and appreciate, but in some cases may also need to deviate-from based on their own requirements. One such use case is where existing VxBlock customers want to leverage VVD on VxRail but also want to retain their existing infrastructure.

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