Monitoring vRA XaaS Workflows with vROps

The VMware vRO Management Pack for vROps provides the ability to monitor the workflows of 3rd party vRO packages in addition to it’s own default vCenter and Management Pack workflows.

Before importing any new packages, first ensure that the vRO Mgmt Pack is correctly installed and configured in vROps, with all data collecting as normal. I covered most of that here.

From the vROps UI e.g. https://vrops/ui browse to Environment > vRealize Orchestrator Management Pack > vRO Packages and Workflows. From there select the adapter configured for vRO. In our lab, we named the adapter ‘Embedded vRO‘.

Beneath that vRO adapter, the default VMware packages are displayed. As shown below, click the Actions button and select Configure Package Discovery in order to add more packages.


At this point, my browser became an issue. Neither Chrome nor Firefox displayed the Configure Package Discovery dialogue box. Internet Explorer did thankfully (so that’s one reason to use IE again!).

The required vRO packages must be entered manually into the Configure Package Discovery dialogue box, in addition to the existing default packages. I verified the correct package names in the vRO Client before entering them in the Included Packages textfield, as shown below.


I selected 2 of the packages which were used to provide Backup-as-a-Service to vRA:


Once the package names have been entered correctly, click the Begin Action button, which will then display the following


As suggested in that dialogue box, you can monitor the status of the package discovery at Administration > History > Recent Tasks


Once that discovery is completed, you can go back to Environment > vRealize Orchestrator Management Pack > vRO Packages and Workflows. From there select the vRO adapter again, and you should be able to see the newly discovered packages and associated vROps views, as with the All Metrics view, displayed below.


The collection state of those new vRO packages can now also be monitored and verified on the vRO Dashboard in vROps, as shown below.


Also from within the main vRO dashboard, we can now view activities such as frequency, success, and failure of the associated workflows.


In order to view the workflow details, be sure to select the vRO Adapter on the dashboard.


So there you go. It’s quite a powerful feature of the vRO Mgmt Pack, and is sure to be very useful to vRA/vRO and vROps customers out there using customized packages and workflows to be able to have that level of operational visibility into those ‘magic workflows’ 🙂

Related Tech Specs

Our environment was running vRA/vRO v7.3 with vROps v6.6.1. The Management Pack for vRealize Orchestrator is compatible with:

  • vRealize Orchestrator v7.3 and v7.4
  • vRealize Operations Manager v6.6.1 and v6.7

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