vRB for Cloud Management Pack for vROps

Just noticed that vROps v6.6 now comes with an adapter for vRealize Business for Cloud, so obviously felt the need to configure it and see what it provides.

Until now the only integration between vRB and vROps that I was aware of was from the vRB side of things where Data Center Optimization details could be displayed in the vRB UI (in vRA), as shown below with vRB for Cloud v7.3.

vRealize Business for Cloud – Data Center Optimization Analysis

Refer to this post for more information on this integration.

The vRB4Cloud Management Pack for vROps is something new and different, so we wanted to see how to set it up and what it provides.

So it seems that vROps v6.6.1 comes with the vRB4Cloud Management Pack pre-installed,  as shown below:


In the vROps UI navigate to Administration > Solutions , where the Management Packs are listed.

Select the vRB Management Pack and click the Configure (cogs) icon above the table.

The configuration procedure, as taken from the vROps Config Guide, but now with an awesome picture and some notes specific to our lab, is as follows:

  • Enter a Name for the adapter instance.
  • In the vRealize Business for Cloud Server text box, enter the IP address of the vRealize Business for Cloud server to which you want to connect.
    • Note that the hostname or fqdn will not work. It must be the IP address
  • Click Test Connection to verify that the connection is successful.
  • Click Advanced Settings, and in the Collectors/Groups text box, select the vRealize Operations Manager collector used to manage the adapter process.
    • If you have one adapter instance, select Default collector group.
    • If you have multiple collectors in your environment, to distribute the workload and optimize performance, select the collector to manage the adapter processes for this instance.
      • Our environment has a standalone collector, as selected above
  • Click Save Settings to finish configuration of the adapter, and click Close.

Back in the Solutions page, the vRB adapter will start collecting and receiving data, as shown below:


The vROps doc suggests that the Business Management page should be available under the Administration tab in the vROps UI, but it was not. I thought this may be resolved by logging out and back in again, which it did, kinda! The Business Management page is available under the Home tab, which is the default tab that opens when logging into vROPs. I’m not sure if it was available before I logged out/in again. But it’s there now, so we’ll go with that.

Clicking on that the Business Management item prompts for for certificate validation, which can be completed by clicking at the bottom of the screen, as shown below:


After confirming Firefox Browser exceptions for the security certificate, we were directed to a new landing page entitled: vRB for Cloud vRA Mode Login which I had not seen previously.


We logged in as ehc_sysadmin, a user which has vRA tenant (EHC is the tenant) privileges as well as the Business Management Administrator role, which brought us to a standalone webpage displaying vRB for Cloud Business Management. After this login, we refreshed the initial page in vROps, which then displayed the same details within the vROps UI.


So it seems that we can now view the same vRB information in vROps as we would in vRA.


Hope that helps …

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