vRO Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight

Among the many Content Packs available for Log Insight on the VMware Marketplace is the latest vRO Content Pack. This is a quick overview of the vRealize Orchestrator Content Pack for vRealize Log Insight.

VMware vRO has native capability for forwarding its logs to Log Insight, thanks to the in-built Log Insight Agent on all instances of vRO v7.0.1 appliance and higher.

You can browse to the vRO Controlcenter @ https://vroNodeName:8283/vco-controlcenter and navigate to Home > Log Logging Integration, as shown below:


Select Enable Logging to a remote log server, then select Use Log Insight Agent, and enter the Log Insight virtual IP name or address.

By default this will be configured to use the cfapi protocol as well as port 9000, but by all means go ahead and set them manually if needs must! Click Save.

Note that these configuration changes require a vRO node sync and reboot!


Having completed this log forwarding from vRO, Log Insight will receive log information from vRO which can be identified and filtered for within the Interactive Analytics and even create your own dashboard from that information, as shown above ….


…. OR you could just install the vRO Content Pack for Log Insight which provides a whole host of pre-configured vRO dashboards!

Our lab environment uses vRO extensively for XaaS operations with vRA, so we wanted to get as much visibility into the ongoing vRO events and operations as possible.

Our lab was running:

  • Log Insight v3.6
  • vRealize Orchestrator v7.1
  • vRealize Automation v7.1

To download the vRO Content Pack, click in the top-right corner of the LogInsight Admin UI, and from the drop-down select Content Packs. This will by default open up in the Marketplace, from where you can select the vRO Content Pack v2.0, as shown below:


Once you tick the box to agree to the associated T&Cs, the Content Pack is quickly downloaded and installed, after which you are presented with the following installation details:


As requested, logged in with Super Admin privileges, we followed the advice, navigating to Administration Agents page, from where we could select the vRO Agent Template, as follows:


To the right side of that vRealize Orchestrator line item, we need to click the Copy Template icon, which presented us with the following pop-up, from which we simply clicked Copy.


As shown in the next couple of screenshots, we added a filter to match the hostname of the 2 vRO nodes, and saved the new Agent Group:



At this stage the configuration is pretty much set, so we just needed to wait for some polling intervals to complete, after which started to see some items appear on the new vRO Dashboard, Click Dashboards and select the VMware- Orchestrator – 7.0.1+ item in the Content Pack Dashboards section.



Very easy installation, and the dashboards look great too.

Hope that helps.


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