Upgrade vRB for Cloud to v7.3.1

Upgrading multiple vRealize components in our lab to latest available, this time it was vRealize Business for Cloud to be upgraded.

Safety Check: Before upgrading, go take a snapshot of the vRB for Cloud appliance

The vRB4C appliance can be upgraded using it’s web console, or can be upgraded using the downloadable ISO image. In our case, we decided to upgrade from the vRB Web Console.

Go to the vRB4C appliance we console via https://vrb4c:5480, login, and browse to the Update tab.

From there click Check Updates, which will provide you with the latest available build, as shown below:


Always check the compatibility between the vRealize components, using the VMware Compatibility Matrix.

In our case we needed to validate interop support for vRB v7.3.1 with:

  • vRA v7.1
  • vROps v6.6.1
  • vCenter Server v6.0U3

for which was all OK.

The official upgrade guide for vRB for Cloud is available here, and contains the relevant checks and balances for consideration. Other related upgrade issues (with vIDM, vCD, NSX, Azure) are stated in the official Release Notes. Also, see KB2151835.

A quick check of the existing setup before upgrading:

From the vRA portal, log in as a user with the Business Management Administrator role. 


All looks good and operating as expected, but go check the System Status (top-right corner) just in case, which will display the relevant endpoint status (vCenter, vRA), as show below:


One pre-requisite that surprised me in advance of this upgrade was the requirement, if not using vIDM, to Unregister vRB4C from vRA.

To do this, log into the vRB4C Web Console @ https://vrb4c:5480, and from the Registration tab, select Unregister, as shown below:


vRB4C will be registered with vRA again post-upgrade completion.

So, Snapshot taken and vRA Unregistered, time to upgrade. From the vRB4C Web Console @ https://vrb4c:5480 on the Update tab, select Install Updates, and proceed to wait, as so politely requested by the system


After not too long a period of time, maybe 20mins(?) the upgrade completed, appliance rebooted and we were presented with an updated status in the vRB4C Web Console, as follows:


Next step was to re-register vRB4C with vRA, but when checking the Registration tab in the vRB4C web console, strangely the connection with vRA was showing as Registered.

At this point I don’t know if vRB4C automatically re-registered with vRA post-upgrade, or if it did not successfully unregister with vRA in the first place before the upgrade?! If it is the latter then it seems that operations with vRA resumed OK after the upgrade completed anyway (or an impending disaster awaits?).

Back in the vRA portal, as you can see below, vRB for Cloud v7.3 now provides an updated and redesigned UI. A number of the vRB menus and navigational paths have been merged or changed. Refer to the vRB for Cloud v7.3.1 Release Notes for details.



At least the Business Management details and System Status were OK in vRA, which hopefully, is all that really matters, right? RIGHT?!

Soo, on that less than certain point (dammit), this post ends with vRB for Cloud successfully upgraded to v7.3.1



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