We upgraded our DELL EMC Storage Analytics to v4.4 with vROps v6.6.1 to see what we could see see see, and all that we could see see see was basically what we saw before, but better.

Previously while running the old vROps v6.2.1 we had the ESA v4.1 installed, and having upgraded vROps from v6.2.1 to v6.6.1, we then needed to upgrade the ESA to the latest supported version.


While the ESA states support for vROps v6.2.0a and v6.2.1, it was worth checking out if the ESA v4.1 even worked with vROps v6.6.1.

As shown above, it was still collecting data OK from the VNX arrays and vCenter Server being monitored, and in general it did seem to be monitoring and reporting on objects as required, as shown below.


Gotta love those headache-inducing shades of green!

The ESA team will only test, validate and support new versions of the ESA with a limited number of vROps versions, so even though ESA v4.1 and vROps v6.6.1 do seem to work OK with each other, it is not an officially supported combination.

Supported Versions

As well as the general ESA support for the vROps version, also be aware that the ESA also states support for specific versions of managed components, as follows for ESA v4.4:

  • vROps v6.5 and v6.6
  • Unisphere v8.4 for VMAX3 and VMX All Flash
  • Dell EMC Unity OE: v4.1, v4.2, v4.2.1
  • Dell EMC VPLEX: VS2, VS6 GeoSynchrony: v6.0.1
  • Dell EMC VPLEX: VS2 GeoSynchrony: v5.5.2
  • XtremIO v4.2.2 and v6.0.0
  • ScaleIO v2.0.0.x, v2.0.1.x
  • Avamar v7.4.1 and v7.5
  • RP4VM v5.1 and v5.1.1
  • Isilon v8.0.1 and v8.1

Upgrading the ESA

Upgrading the ESA is simple:

  • Select Software Update
  • Browse to and Select the ESA .pak file
  • Select Upload
  • Click through Next, EULA etc, and Install

The ESA upgrade was pretty quick on our system, probably <5mins


We then jumped out of the https://vrops/admin view, and switched to https://vrops/UI and checked the ESA was collecting data OK

All data collecting OK, check the dashboards and all information accurately points to the fact that our VNX SPB is knackered, so best go take a look at that!


ESA 4.4 includes the following new features (taken from official ESA v4.4 Release Notes):

  • Updated metric thresholds for EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines to align with version 5.1
  • Support for additional metrics for EMC VPLEX Virtual Volumes and Storage View
  • Support for the following additional cross-adapter relationships on multi-node

    VMware vRealize Operations clusters between VMware vSphere and EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines:

    • Splitter > Cluster Compute Resource
    • User Volume > Virtual Machine
    • vRPA > Virtual Machine

The following improvements and bugs were fixed in this release:

  • ESA Installer: removed redundant icon package in ESA PAK archive
  • Avamar: resolved excessive logon/logoff events
  • VPLEX: removed redundant calls
  • RecoverPoint for VMs:
    • Fixed missing relationship between User Volume and VM in some environments
    • Fixed missing relationship between Cluster Compute Resource and Splitter in some environments
  • VNX Block: resolved missing SP in some IPv6 environments

Also take a look through the ESA v4.4 Product Guide

The ESA v4.4 provides pre-built dashboards for the following:

  • Avamar
  • Isilon
  • RecoverPoint for VMs
  • ScaleIO
  • Unity
  • VCE (update support removed from later versions)
  • VMAX
  • VNX
  • XtremIO
  • Storage Metrics
  • Storage Topology

Note that each storage array/component requires it’s own Adapter instance to be created within the ESA.

Hope that helps!