vRB Storage Costs by Storage Profile begone

For any customers accustomed to using VM Storage Profiles as a means to display their Storage Costs in vRealize Business, be aware that as of vSphere v6.0, this is no longer possible.

While this is not a shock at this stage of vSphere 6.x being GA for so long already, it is functionality that lingers on across various products and may give the impression that it should still work, or that something is mis-configured. So this post is about saving you the time spent troubleshooting, and just putting it to bed.

Let it go. It’s gone. VMware says so here. There will be others. It’s not you, it’s them. Things can always be worse. etc etc

This functionality was very useful for and popular with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC) customers, who could leverage the ViPR  Storage Provider, through vCenter Storage Profiles, and into vRB Standard for displaying Storage Costs.


Above is a view of how this was configured in vRealize Business Standard v6.x. This functionality is covered in more detail here and here.

The breaking point is vSphere v6.x. As soon as vSphere stopped supporting VM Storage Profiles (and use VM Storage Policies only), then we lost the ability to configure VM Storage Profiles.

The confusion can apply to existing customers upgrading from EHC v3.1 to EHC v3.5 or v4.0 where the other components such as ViPR and vRB still support the use of a Storage Provider in vCenter and VM Storage Profiles in vRB.

Below is a table that, hopefully, explains where the disconnect lies across some of the related components.

EHC ViPR vRealize Business VMware vSphere vCenter Support Integration
3.1 2.3.1 6.1 5.x VM Storage Profiles Yes
3.5 2.4.1 6.2.3 6.x VM Storage Policies No
4.0 6.2.3 6.x VM Storage Policies No
4.1 7.1 6.x VM Storage Policies No

As of EHC v3.5, there is no point in configuring the ViPR Storage Provider, as this does not apply to VM Storage Policies.


EHC does not support a mixture of vSphere platform versions, so once an EHC customer upgrades to EHC v3.5, then their entire environment will run vSphere v6.0. So while vRB Standard v6.x still supports Storage Profiles, the vSphere platform does not, so the overall integration breaks. Added to that, vRB v6.x does not support Storage Policies even if users wanted to go that route.

Obviously we are talking about all of this in the context of the EHC solution. If you have a vSphere v5 environment, using ViPR, then this functionality is still available to you!

EHC v4.1 now uses vRB for Cloud v7.1 which at least now supports VM Storage Policies (as well as VM Storage Profiles, as shown below):


Storage Policies are the way forward, and have been for some time, but for anybody out there still catching up, the old end-to-end integration from ViPR VASA Storage Provider to vRB Storage Costs by Storage profile begone 😦


Hope this helps!



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