vRB for Cloud and vROps Integration

As of vRB for Cloud v7.1, the integration between vRB and vRealize Operations Manager has changed to what the official documents describe as ‘seamless integration’.

We discovered after upgrading our instance of vRB Standard, from vRB v6.2.3 to vRB for Cloud v7.1, which is covered here, that a yellow Status Warning was showing in the top-right corner of the vRA Business Management tab.


On investigation, the warning was related to the vRB Data Collection for the vCenter Server that we were pointing to. The error indicated that our user credentials, between vROps and vCenter, were incorrect.


This issue impacts the ability of vRB to provide details on information such as Data Center Optimization, as shown below:


We initially thought that this was the same as an issue that we experienced previously, covered here, but soon noticed that something crucial was missing!


The Business Management section in vRA now has no Connection for vROps! That was a surprise!

A quick Google pointed us to the vRB v7.1 Release Notes, in the What’s New section

vRealize Business for Cloud 7.1 provides seamless integration with vRealize Operations Manager by enabling additional configuration settings. For more information, see KB 2146836.”

The main difference from what we had previously setup was that we needed to enable the Allow vCenter users to log in to individual vCenters using the vRealize Operations Manager UI option in vRealize Operations Manager to use in vRealize Business for Cloud.


To enable this setting, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the vRealize Operations Manager UI
  2. Navigate to Administration > Global setting.
  3. Click Edit and select the Allow vCenter users to log in to individual vCenters using the vRealize Operations Manager UI option.

Once all was resolved, we were able to rerun the data collection for vCenter in vRB, which completed successfully.


and our main vRB tab Status was Green again also! Happy Days 🙂


Please reference the following KB Article which provides the official VMware solution to resolving this issue including some other checks and balances that may be required.

Note that the above mentioned KB article states at the very beginning that vRB v7.1 and vROps v6.3 are required. I have only been able to get this integration to work consistently with vROps v6.3. It did not work with vROps v6.1 or v6.2.1. What I observed was that initial configuration at those versions may provide a Status of Green, but as soon as an update was run, it reverted to failed 😦

So it seems that vROps v6.3 is not simply a suggested operating version, but a required minimum version!

Update 1/12/2017 – vRB for Cloud Management Pack for vROps

Hope that helps!

4 thoughts on “vRB for Cloud and vROps Integration

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    • Hi Steve,
      I haven’t worked with vSphere v6.5 yet, so cant comment definitively. But it does sound like the goalposts have shifted yet again!
      I will post an update once I have the chance to get some hands-on with this.


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