Upgrading Avamar Proxy VMs

After completing a system upgrade of EMC Avamar, in VMware vSphere environments the existing Avamar Proxy virtual machines should be upgraded also.

It’s a simple process, but it took a while to find the procedure. So here are the highlights …..

In this post/example, we are using a single node AvamarVE (Virtual Edition), which has been upgraded from Avamar v7.1.1-100 to Avamar v7.2.0-401.

The vSphere environment is:

  • vSphere Client v5.5.0 (Build 1993072)
  • vCenter Server v5.5 Update 3a (Build 3142196)
  • ESXi v5.5 3a Express Patch8 (Build 3116895)

First the new Avamar proxy image needs to be downloaded. This can be found by browsing to http://avamar_server , login and go to  Downloads > VMware vSphere > EMC Avamar VMware Image Backup/FLR Appliance >

From there download the AvamarVMwareCombined-linux-x86-7.2.100-401.iso (where 7.2.100-401 is the Avamar version)


Make sure that it is the ISO image that you select, not the ova (which is used for new deployments). This is the iso image that the Avamar proxy virtual machines will be upgraded from.

In the vSphere Client, upload that AvamarVMwareCombined ISO file to a datastore that the Avamar Proxy VM has access to, and connect/mount the iso to the VM, as shown below:


The Avamar Proxy VM will upgrade itself automatically once it checks for the ISO (every 15mins), but the Avamar proxy also checks for the ISO when it boots, so as long as no backup operations are active on the proxy, it is easier to just reboot the Avamar proxy VM in order to kick off the upgrade right away, as shown below:


Once the upgrade is complete, the iso should be disconnected from the VM. To confirm that the upgrade was successful, open the Avamar Administration Console and launch the Policy window. Select the Clients tab, and then select clients to view the current Avamar Proxy versions, as shown below:


From a general housekeeping perspective it would be a good idea to update the version property on the virtual machine. This can be done by clicking on Edit Settings for the VM, and under the Options tab, click Advanced, from where the version fields can be updated manually, as shown below


Once updated, this will display the new Avamar proxy version, as shown below:


Rinse and repeat for all Avamar Proxy Virtual Machines.

And eh, that’s it really. Hope this is useful to someone at some stage!

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