Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Backup Admin Services

The Data Protection Backup services provided by the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution are consumed by multiple cloud users. This post will introduce the services available to EHC Backup Administrators.

Backup administrators use their vRA service catalog to manage the backup infrastructure supporting the data protection backup and recovery services that end-users consumer at the virtual machine level.


By leveraging the Data Protection Backup services from their vRA catalog, EHC Backup Admins do not necessarily need to be EMC Avamar subject matter experts. While the EHC Backup Admin does need to understand how to leverage the services available to them, they do not need to access to or knowledge of the EMC Avamar Administrative UI.

Out-of-the-box, EHC Backup Admins have the following 9 services available to them in their VMware vRA catalog:

  • Add an Avamar Instance – This service is used when a backup or Avamar administrator wants to add a new Avamar instance, or a replicated pair of Avamar appliances, to the backup infrastructure.
  • Associate vCenter Cluster with Avamar Pair – This service must be run when new instances or replicated pairs of Avamar have been configured or when new vSphere ESXi clusters have been added to the environment.
  • Deploy Avamar Proxy – This service can be used where a new Avamar proxy virtual machine needs to be added to the environment. An Avamar Proxy is used/required to create an image-level backup of Windows ad Linux virtual machines.
  • Create Backup Service Level – This service creates a new Avamar Backup Policy to provide image-level backup for tenant virtual machines.
  • Delete Backup Service Level – This service deletes an existing Avamar Backup Policy
  • Display Backup Service Levels – This service lists all of the Backup Service Levels (Avamar policies) configured on the Avamar infrastructure.
  • Associate Datastore to Avamar Proxy – This service should be used in the event that a Tenant Datastore has not been configured with an Avamar Proxy. The EHC STaaS (Storage as a Service) workflow configures this automatically for new Datastores.
  • Set Avamar Instance or Pair to Admin Full – This service should be used when the EHC Backup Admin decides that an Avamar Pair is full, or otherwise ineligible to take on extra workload i.e. taking image level backups of newly provisioned VMs.
  • Initialise DPA – This service is only required in instances where EMC Data Protection Advisor has been added into the solution after the initial EHC deployment.

In multi-site configurations, where replication of virtual machine backups is included, additional vRA services are available to the EHC Backup Admin, as follows:

  • Toggle Single Avamar Designation – This service should be used when promoting a single secondary Avamar instance to primary status is required.
  • Remediate Single Failed Avamar – This service should be used when one of the Avamar instances is offline after the Toggle Single Avamar Designation service is run
  • Prepare for DP Failover -This service should be used prior to a controlled DR recovery, where it moves machines on the protected cluster out of their backup service level folders in preparation for the failover. This step mitigates Avamar incompatibilities with VMware Site Recovery Manager placeholder virtual machines.
  • Set All Avamars To Primary For Site – In the event of an active site failure, the backup administrator can use this service to set all Avamar instances associated with the surviving site as primary (e.g. recovering all operations after a DR event).
  • Reset All Avamar Pairs to Preferred Site – This service ensures that scheduled backups are executed on the desired primary/preferred site, and would most likely be used after a failover/fail-back operations.
  • Validate Backup Policies and Remediate On Avamar – This service compares the primary and secondary avamar instances within an Avamar Pair and remediates any missing policies. It should be used in the event that an avamar instance was replaced due to failure.


All of these custom EHC Data Protection Backup catalog items are available under the ‘Data Protection Services’ vRA service. While this post discusses a single EHC Backup Admin role, more granular user access to these services can be managed as appropriate via the vRA Entitlements.

Later posts will walk through executing some of these EHC Data Protection Backup services.

In the meantime, if the suspense is too much for you (which is understandable, don’t worry, just go with it), you can always  go to EHC Demo for the EHC experience and demos!



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