Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Backup-as-a-Service: Overview

The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution provides fully automated Backup and Recovery services to its users. While technically an optional add-on to the foundation EHC solution, Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) is designed for all instances and configurations of EHC.

EHC BaaS configurations range from local single-site, to replicated multi-site implementations, with fully replicated and recoverable virtual machine backups, while all the time maintaining full backup/recovery services after DR events. Every feature and function of the EHC solution takes backup and recovery into consideration.

EHC BaaS leverages unique customisations and workflows in vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator, with the features and functionality of EMC Avamar, EMC Data Domain, and EMC Data Protection Advisor software.

  • VMware vRealise Automation provides the self-service catalog and user portal
  • vRealize Orchestrator is the orchestration engine
  • EMC Avamar is the backup appliance
  • EMC Data Domain can be used as backup target behind the Avamar appliance
  • EMC Data Protection Advisor can be used to provide on-demand VM-level reports

VMware vCenter is the private cloud endpoint … and the EHC Data Protection Backup customisations & workflows tie them all together!

All EHC data protection backup services are accessed through the vRA portal and self-service catalog.


EHC3_5_DataProtection_ArchOverview01 - WhiteBackground

  • Abstracts and simplifies self-service backup and restore operations for cloud users
  • Provides full image backups for running virtual machines
  • Eliminates the need to manage backup agents for each virtual machine
  • Uses VMware vStorage APIs – Data Protection, which provides Changed Block Tracking (CBT) for faster backup and restore operations
  • Minimizes network traffic by deduplicating and compressing data

The underlying technology and efficiencies supporting and enabling the backup and restore operations in this solution are completely abstracted from the cloud users.

EHC data protection backup services have multiple consumers in the cloud. Infrastructure or backup administrators as well as end users consume the backup and recovery services available:

  • vRA cloud administrators use their vRA service catalog to create and manage the appropriate backup service levels (Backup Policies), as shown below:



  • When creating virtual machine blueprints, vRA service architects or business group managers can choose to enable/attach backup services for the user.
  • At virtual machine deployment time, cloud users can choose to protect their machines with a predefined backup service level.
  • Day2 VM-level actions are also available to the virtual machine users, whereby they can execute on-demand backup and restore operations, as well as on-demand reports, as shown below:




In later posts, we will discuss in more detail the user roles listed above, showing how they each consume EHC data protection backup services and their associated use cases.

In the meantime, if you just.cant.wait.that.long, you can always  go to EHC Demo for the EHC experience and demos!




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