vROps Management Packs for EHC

In response to a request from a colleague, I had grabbed screenshots of each of the Management Packs installed in vRealize Operations Manager, expanding each to display what dashboards were available within.

This could possibly be the least technical post on here, but anyway, it may be useful to some!


The EHC solution can leverage the following Management Packs in vROps:

  • vSphere
  • vRealize Automation
  • NSX
  • Log Insight
  • EMC ViPR
  • EMC Storage Analytics (ESA)
  • VCE Management Pack for vROps

Other vROps Management Packs can be used also such as Brocade, Cisco UCS, vCloud Air etc as appropriate, so long as they are managing components used within the scope of the EHC solution.

[ Updated Dec 8th 2016 – vROps v6.2.1 & related dashboards]


The following are screen grabs of some of the Management Packs, displaying their respective Dashboards:

vSphere Dashboard:


vRealize Automation:




For an installation walk through of the NSX Mgmt Pack for vR Ops, please see this from @BenKing84





EMC Storage Analytics – VNX:


More ESA with VNX detail in this post here.

EMC Storage Analytics – VMAX:


EMC Storage Analytics – Unity:


EMC Storage Analytics – VPLEX:


EMC Storage Analytics – XtremIO:


EMC Storage Analytics – RecoverPoint for VMs:


EMC Storage Analytics – ScaleIO:


EMC Storage Analytics – Isilon:


EMC Storage Analytics – Avamar


More ESA with Avamar detail in this post here

The ESA provides a further 2 dashboards which are not product specific, and cover the Storage Metrics and Topology at a more general level:

EMC Storage Analytics – Storage Metrics


EMC Storage Analytics – Storage Topology


Note: Bad news for VNXe users as support for VNXe has been removed from the ESA v4.1.

And that’s about it for what is currently installed in the lab, hopefully that info or the graphics are of use to people ….

Product versions used in this post:

  • vRealize Operations Manager v6.2.1
  • EMC ViPR v2.3
  • EMC Storage Analytics v4.1
  • vRA Management Pack v2.1
  • NSX Management Pack v3.0
  • Log Insight Management Pack v6.0.3
  • VCE Management Pack v1.0

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