vRealize Integrations – vRA and vROps

vRealize Automation integrates with vRealize Operations Manager in a couple of ways, and it may not immediately be apparent which integration point is responsible for what functionality.

A vRA Management Pack is available for vROps that provides cloud administrators with tenant-aware operational visibility of the infrastructure supporting their hybrid cloud, as shown below:


This vRA Management Pack provides 3 separate dashboards in vROps:

  • vRA Tenant Overview
  • vRA Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring
  • vRA Top-N Dashboard

For information on installing the vRA Management Pack for vROps, go look at the great write-up from @virtualjad here.

Besides this vROps Management Pack, vRA also provides it’s virtual machine users with vROps-based health badges so that they can have visibility of the health of their virtual machines, as shown below:


This health badge visibility must be enabled/configured in vRA and is not dependent on the previously mentioned vROps Management Pack.

First, go create the dedicated service account user, in our case we use an AD user named app_vra_vrops.

Then, from the vROps UI, navigate to Administration, then Access Control, and Import User from the relevant domain (in our case this is PPSILVER.lab.local).

The user should be assigned a Read Only role, with the vCenter Adapter and Cloud vCenter Server objects selected from the Associated Objects, as shown below:


Note: This user is not a vCenter user. This is an existing user imported from AD into vROps.

Logged into vRA as a Tenant Admin, navigate to Administration > Tenant Machines > Metrics Provider Configuration and enter the required details.

  • URL: https://<vROps FQDN>/suite-api/
    • Note: Ensure to include the ‘/suite-api/’ in the vROps endpoint details
  • Username: The vR Ops Username should be specified as: user@domain@source
    • where @source is the LDAP Import Source in vRealise Operations Manager
    • User requires ReadOnly role, and Object rights to the vCenter Adapter and Cloud vCenter Server, as displayed below:
  • Password: Password for the vROps ReadOnly user

Once the details have been entered, hit the Test Connection button to validate. Once complete, you’re good to go!


Product versions referenced in this post:

  • VMware vRealize Automation v6.2.1
  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager v6.0.3
  • Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud v3.1

Official Documentation @ VMware vRA 6.2 Documentation Center

Related information for vRA v7.1, vROps v6.2.1 and v6.6.1 available in this post

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