vRealize Integrations – EMC ViPR & vROps

EMC ViPR provides a Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations Manager. This is one of the many EMC-VMware integrations included in the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution.

The EMC ViPR Analytics Management Pack provides custom analytics and visual representation of the resources within the EMC software-defined infrastructure.

EMC ViPR inventory, metering, and event data is imported into vROps and displayed through pre-configured dashboards that show collections of volume, storage port, storage system, and virtual pool data. vROps uses the data to compute key resource status scores. Resource details, individual metrics, and EMC ViPR event alerts are also presented in dashboard views.

Installing this ViPR Management pack in vROps is quite straightforward.

Logged into the vROps UI with admin privileges,under Administration > Solutions > Add Upload the relevant ViPR .pak file, accept the EULA, and click Finish.

Once installed, the ViPR adapter should be selected under Administration > Solutions and click the Configure icon above the list of Solutions, as shown below:


Configure the following properties in the pop-up window:

  • Adapter Instance Name: e.g. EHC ViPR Adapter
  • Host Name: e.g. vipr.domain.local
  • Enable Filtering: Turn filtering on or off (On recommended)
  • Credential: Add the relevant credentials for vROps to contact ViPR using full domain name e.g. adp_vrops_vipr@domain.local

This user/credential must have System Monitor role in the EMC ViPR Virtual Data Center Role Assignment. The format of the credential used above aligns with EHC service and application account naming structure of adapter_<source>_<target> where vROps is the source and ViPR is the target.

Click OK, then Test Connection to verify successful communications. If successful, then click Save Settings and click OK.

Once the analytics pack is created, it can take several minutes for the initial data collection to complete, as shown below:


The preconfigured dashboards provided by the EMC ViPR Analytics Pack, available in the vROps UI Homepage under Dashboard Lists, include capacity, performance, and higher-level at-a glance information, as shown in the screenshots below:

  • The ViPR At-a-Glance dashboard enables users to monitor performance and capacity data from a single dashboard.
  • The ViPR Capacity dashboard enables users to monitor virtual storage pool capacity and datastore disk usage.
  • The ViPR Performance dashboard enables users to monitor storage network and datastore latency performance data.

Another significant Management Pack for VMware vROps is EMC Storage Analytics, which provides custom analytics and visualisations at the individual EMC storage array level, supporting VMAX, VNX, Unity, Isilon, ScaleIO, XtremIO, Avamar, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint for VMs. The ESA is covered is this post here.

Product versions referenced in this post:

  • VMware vRealize Operations Manager v6.0.2
  • EMC ViPR v2.3

Update 8th Dec 2016: vROps v6.2.1 is now supported with ViPR Mgmt pack v2.3


EMC ViPR Controller Analytics Pack for vROPs Installation and Configuration Guide

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