Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Storage-as-a-Service – Part I

For this first post about EHC STaaS, I want to briefly describe who uses and consumes Storage Services in the EHC solution.

Storage services in the EHC solution are available to multiple users and user roles, being provisioned, allocated and consumed by different cloud users.

vRA_Admins_Endpoints_blogVersion - Page-1 (1)
  • Storage Administrators provision storage resources for consumption by other cloud users, using the storage services that are provided in the vRealize Automation service catalog.
  • Service Architects / Business Group Managers define virtual machine storage when they create virtual machine blueprints with storage reservation policies.
  • vRealize Automation Fabric Group Administrators assign the provisioned storage resources to business groups.
  • End Users may, depending on their entitlements, choose the storage service level when they provision their virtual machines. (End Users in this case are defined as the users that are provisioning the virtual machine)

These services all fall under the umbrella term STaaS, are managed through the vRA portal, and are role based, controlled by vRA Entitlements. EHC STaaS is only available for the Private Cloud portion of the EHC solution. Storage services in the Public Cloud are dictated by the provider.

The actual storage presented and available to be provisioned and consumed is in the form of storage service offerings that greatly simplify virtual storage provisioning. The storage service offerings are based on ViPR virtual pools, which are tailored to meet the performance requirements of general IT systems and applications.


The storage service offerings can be named anything, Gold/Silver/Bronze, Fast/Faster/Fastest, Tier1/Tier2/Tier3. The name doesn’t matter so much as presenting the appropriate storage to be consumed in the cloud. Storage reservation policies are later used in vRA to control which tier of storage is consumed by the virtual machines.

FEHC_ViPR - Page-1 (1)

So while some storage service offerings can be single-tier or single disk type, for example All Flash, or all NL-SAS, similarly the storage service offerings can be based on FAST/VP technology within which multiple tiers of storage are automatically managed by the storage array.

The EHC storage service offerings can be single site or multi-site, providing the ability to provision the following storage:

  • Block (EMC VNX®, EMC VMAX®, EMC XtremIO™, EMC ScaleIO®)
  • File (VNX, EMC Isilon®)
  • Highly available (with EMC VPLEX®)
  • Replicated (with EMC RecoverPoint®)

In the next few posts we will look in more detail at how the Storage Services are used by each of the consumers of EHC STaaS.

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