What am I working on?

A couple of years ago a request landed on my desk to begin work on an Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution. It meant switching attention from the work we had been doing on Service Provider solutions utilising VMware vCD, and turning our attention to an Enterprise Cloud solution which would be based on what at the time was VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC – which has since been vRealized to vRA). The solution would also leverage EMC ViPR and VMware NSX for software defined storage and networking respectively.

This solution is now officially titled the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. A LOT has happened since the outset but the learning curve has been fantastic and continues today.


The EHC solution is a fully Engineered solution which leverages many EMC and VMware products and integration points, as well as unique, customised as-a-Service features including Infrastructure, Storage, Continuous Availability, Backup and Disaster Recovery. This provides customers with a fully tested and validated foundational platform for their cloud services which can be further extended and customised to their business requirements. Combining this fully engineered solution stack with VCE platforms has brought even greater efficiencies to customers and has proven a big hit.

So while that’s a very high level description, which I felt that I had to post first so others knew where I was coming from, it’s the digging around in the innards of the solution that I want to expand upon on this site. The scope of components and integrations in the EHC solution is huge. As well as validating ‘basic’ functional operations, the solution also requires alignment of many individual product business units and support matrices.

So looking back up at the shiny graphic above, the level of detail that I want to talk about is something like this:

EHC Integration Points

What works, how it works, why it works, and if you do x or y then it wont work. That kinda stuff. I’ll talk more about that later. It’s all good, it’s very important, and it all makes sense (I promise!)

The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud is a solution and must be treated as such. All of the components must work together, regardless of what the single point-products are capable of individually.

For more general information on the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution, please go to EHC Demo.

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